Being father of a daughter Nike - with severe autism - Marc Claerhout started to develop several toys and aid materials for autistic children. Soon he was asked to manufacture the test material kits for the PEP-R and AAPEP. That was the beginning of his company AUTITOYS that has now customers in 33 countries all over the world. In the late nineties Pr. Ilse Noens - university of Leiden (NL) and Leuven (B)) - asked him to assemble the material kit of the ComVoor (ComFor). At the age of 60, Marc decided it was time to enjoy another side of life. After having met Geert Flamang he retired, leaving his company in the hands of his successor. I herewith confirm my commitment to maintain and even improve the high quality standards of Autitoys in an effort to help teaching autistic children to cope with the challenges of life.